Friends and Neighbors

Adventures across the Taonga Archipelago are much more fun when they are shared with loyal friends and reliable neighbors.

Friends are those islanders who you are friends with on the social network.

Friends can:

  • Visit one another’s islands;
  • Help fulfill yacht orders.

You can invite friends to become your neighbors.

Neighbors are those islanders who you’ve invited to be your neighbors and who accepted your invitation (or vice-versa). Your social network friends and any other islanders can become your neighbors. Neighbors can:

  • Visit one another’s islands;
  • Help fulfill yacht orders;
  • Send one another daily gifts;
  • Send one another parcels;
  • Speed up farm plots, fruit trees, animals, and workshops;
  • Use one another’s resort buildings, restoring their own energy;


Some resorts need preparation. Below you can see what items you need for that:



You can be neighbors with up to 50 players. It is possible to increase your neighbor cap by raising your VIP-level.

You can see your friends and neighbors by clicking on the corresponding tab in the bottom game panel.