NEW! Wellness spots


Wellness spots are the new and improved version of resort buildings. They feature the highly anticipated list of visitors, better rewards for hosts, and gradual replenishment of availability instead of a daily reset.

Keep reading to learn how they work!

The first thing to remember is that all wellness spots need to be prepared before your neighbors can use them. Don't worry though, the hammock and the swing can still be prepared for free.

Wellness spots have preparation energy - a special resource used to prepare them for visits that replenishes over time. Most wellness spots also require items such as towels and fruit cocktails for preparation, just as resorts used to.


  • Every wellness spot has its own preparation energy. 
  • Spending preparation energy does not affect your regular energy, which you use to plow farm plots, chop down trees, etc.

Click on a wellness spot to see detailed information about it:


  • The yellow bar at the top of the window shows this spot's preparation energy. If the bar is empty, you'll need to wait before preparing the spot. You can move your mouse over the bar to see the recharge time. A full recharge takes 20 hours.
  • The numbers in the top right mean:
    • Vacant - how many visits you can prepare for right now.
    • Prepared - how many visits the spot is ready for. Goes up when you click Prepare and goes down when a guest rests at this wellness spot.
    • Visitors - this is how many times this spot has been used by guests since you last collected your reward from it.
  • Move your mouse over the gift box icon in the middle to see possible rewards for you and your guests.
  • If the wellness spot requires items for preparation, they will be displayed at the bottom.
  • In the bottom right, you can now see a list of guests who used this spot - no more guessing who your regulars are! Place your mouse over a guest's picture to see their name.

When you're ready, click Prepare at the bottom and your wellness spot will be open to visitors!


Click +, -, or max to select how many visits to prepare for.

You will see a cocktail glass icon over your wellness spots that you can prepare, and a gift box icon over those that have been visited by guests - remember to collect the reward!

Your guests will see a lotus icon over a wellness spot they can rest at. So will you when you visit their islands!