I have two game accounts, but can only access one

If you have two game accounts, one created through Facebook, and another - through our web portal, but end up entering the same game regardless of which login method you use, it means that you've linked the same email address to your Facebook game as to your web portal game.

But don't worry, this is easy to fix - just follow this Step By Step Guide:

  1. Follow this link to your account settings page
  2. Find the Disconnect button at the bottom of the page and click it, then confirm the action. This will unlink the current email address from your Facebook game.btnDisconnect.png
  3. Click Menu in the top left corner of the page, then click Log outbtnLogOutEn.png
  4. You will be returned to the login page. From here, you can log into your Facebook game account by clicking the Facebook button, and to your web portal game - by entering its email and password, then clicking Log in.
  5. To switch between accounts later, simply repeat steps 3 and 4.

For added security, we also recommend linking a different email address to your Facebook game. To do that, first log into that game, then follow the instructions from this article.