NEW! The Lagoon

The Lagoon is the opposite part of your home island, which becomes available after completing a certain chain of quests. See the following article for more information on this:

>> Discovery of the Lagoon <<

After claiming the Lagoon, you can access it by clicking on the Resort button, and navigate back by clicking on the Home button in the bottom panel. From the Lagoon you can also sail to other islands by clicking on Boat.


The Lagoon shares Storage with the home island, so all collected resources and items are available here as well. To move decorations to the Lagoon, you must first use the Put in Storage option and then place them in the Lagoon. You can also move the helpers in the same way, just make sure that you collect the resources they gathered before doing so.


The Dragon Seal you built earlier stores 150 energy. Like other energy sources, the Seal can only replenish energy up to the max cap. To recharge the Seal, you must make an offering - a solar florin and enchanting candles.


One of the main features of the Lagoon is the resort. Its construction area consists of three parts:


Resort construction stages
Part 1




40 3 3
Part 2




40 2 8
Part 3




40 12 6

Complete orders in water villas and get Resort Experience points and Azure Piastres for each order. The piastres are used to purchase decor in the Lagoon shop. You will also receive 5-star Reviews for completing all orders in a water villa.


Pass the reviews on to Rachel and short-term resort guests will arrive at the Lagoon and with them Lewis Wilson. They will stay there for 3 days. You can complete orders for the guests, and you can get rare resources from Mr. Wilson in exchange for collectible items you found in the Secret Worlds.


Seaplanes arrive at the resort from time to time. Fill crates and compartments to receive Resort Experience points and Azure Piastres for each order. Fully loaded seaplane compartments will earn you additional Azure Piastres and the opportunity to open a Mysterious Jewel Box with one of the tools for exploring the Secret Worlds.

Filling the compartments of a rare seaplane with luxury items earns you Royal Pearls, which can be used to purchase unique buildings and decor in the Lagoon shop.


Regular seaplane


Rare seaplane

Possible rewards:



Possible rewards:



For example, when you reach level 12 of the Lagoon, a special wellness spot for your neighbors - Beach Chairs - becomes available for 80 Royal Pearls. When your neighbors visit the spot, you have a chance to get royal pearls for it.


You can also get a bungalow for the Lagoon if you complete a quest chain Resort House.



To be able to give Tiffany the required decorations for the quest Resort House 2/5, put them into your storage first.

On level 14 of the Lagoon, a new beach view becomes available for the bungalow for 50,000 Azure Piastres.


If you work hard at fulfilling tourist orders and sending seaplanes, you can reach level 15, where a new pet - Hoppi Roo the kangaroo - will be waiting for you, along with his house. You'll have to save up 250 Royal Pearls for it.


The kangaroo can follow you or stay near his home. To make him accompany you on your journeys, give him two vegetable bowls. And to make him hop around near his home, treat him to a berry yogurt.

Follows you


Vegetable Bowl х2

Stays near the house


Berry Yogurt

In 24 hours after being fed, Hoppi Roo will bring you a reward - 10 energy and one of the following items:


And that's it for now! Questions may probably arise - what is hiding in the Lagoon territory under the fog and how to get there? You will definitely find out the answers to them later! The adventure continues...