How to continue your Facebook game on Web Portal

You can play Taonga the Island Farm on Facebook and also play the same game on Taonga Web Portal. Follow this guide to carry over your game progress, allowing you to easily switch between the Facebook game and the Web Portal at any time.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to our Portal at
  2. Click the Facebook button in the bottom of the Login form.

    Click the Facebook button to log in the game with Facebook>

  3. If you are already signed in to Facebook, you will jump straight to the game.
    If not, you will see an additional pop-up window to log in to Facebook first.

    Log in to your Facebook profile to play Taonga game

Done! You can now continue playing Taonga on the Website exactly from where you left off on Facebook, and then go back and forth whenever you like with your progress following you.

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