NEW! Seasonal Pass

Welcome to the Seaside Season!

This is an extra opportunity to perform tasks in the game and get rewards for them. Available for players starting from level 8.

You can open the window with tasks and rewards at the bottom of the game screen on any island by clicking on the Seasonal Pass icon:



The rules are simple - you need to complete the given tasks in the allotted time. Points are awarded for each completed task. The more points you collect, the higher the level of the Seaside Season. Each new level unlocks a new reward.

On the left side of the Seasonal Pass window are tasks that are updated every 20 hours. The tasks on the right bring more points, but are only active for 10 hours and are updated every three days.


The Gold Ticket unlocks two additional tasks on the right and exclusive rewards. It can be purchased at any time by clicking on the Gold Ticket button. When you purchase the Gold ticket, you'll also get exclusive rewards for all levels you've already reached.

Here are some examples of tasks that are available during the Seaside Season:

Task Description


Make items in the glassblower's workshop.

Any three items will do. The task counter will update as soon as you collect the produced item.


Use tomatoes.

Here, the in-game hint does not direct you to any location. You need to think about where you can use tomatoes in the game. For example, making a red pigment in Sun Dryer requires 3 tomatoes at once. Therefore, making 5 red pigments will help to accomplish the task.



After reaching a new level, a new reward becomes available. For Gold Ticket owners, two rewards are unlocked at once - a free Silver reward and a Gold Ticket reward. Rewards include valuable items, useful effects, as well as some functional decorations:

Level 20 Gold Ticket. Surfer's Table - produces certain dishes during the Seaside Season. The list of the produced items: Omelette, Fruit Cocktail, Banana Shake, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Cupcake. Turns into a  decoration once the season is over.

Level 45 Gold Ticket. Sailor's Couch - allows you to replenish your strength. Contains a total of 300 strength points. Turns into a decoration once the points are depleted.

Level 45 Silver or Gold Ticket. Blossoming Pool instantly speeds up all the trees on your home island. This effect can be used 5 times in total, after that, the pool will turn into a decoration.

Level 70 Gold Ticket. Mediterranean Carpenter is a beautiful new look for your carpenter. Now you can switch between the regular workshop and the new style.

Once you reach level 70 of the Seaside Season, you can continue completing tasks and thus gain more experience points and earn additional reward chests.

New seasons and farm decorations will also be coming in the future. Stay tuned for more game updates!