Island of the Radiant Lotus


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Ancient Lever Cracked Lotus Petal

Sarcophagus of Ancient Knowledge

Radiant Lotus

Available: Level 15+ after completing the task of excavating the first meteorite shard on the Island of the Fiery Star

Supplies Needed: 40


  • Defeat the wild baboons;
  • Open the Lotus gates;
  • Find the six sarcophagi of ancient knowledge with Lotus tablets;
  • Find and repair six cracked Lotus petals in the workshop;
  • Repair the Radiant Lotus artifact.


  • Yorick Jansson, Doctor of Astrophysics;
  • Taine, shaman of the Quinoa tribe.


  • Spirits of wild baboons (Strength – 52; Artifact – Knobby Cudgel).

Island Treasures:

  • 10 Bronze energy chests (contain 30 energy each).


  • Sand dollars
  • Diamonds
  • Coins
  • Experience
  • Artifact: the Radiant Lotus which generates energy



Yorick Jansson needs your help finding the source of an anomaly on the Island of the Radiant Lotus. Journey with him to the island and find the reason for the change in the meteorite’s standard trajectory!

The island is separated into five smaller islets connected by bridges. Unfortunately, the bridges are in quite a bad shape and require repair before you can travel between the smaller islets.

Materials needed to repair one bridge





6 30

Once you repair the first bridge, the center of the island will open for you. There, you’ll find the locked Lotus gates, which can be opened with the ancient lever found nearby.


On the island, you’ll confront hostile spirits of wild baboons, who will bar your way. You can go around some of the spirits, but you’ll have to fight with two of them.

Baboons’ Strength: 52

Artifact to use against them: Knobby Cudgel

Knobby Cudgels can be obtained in two ways:

  • Purchased in the shop for florins (New > Bundles tab). You cannot make this purchase more than once every five days. Available from Level 20+.
  • Purchased for diamonds before combat.

Reward for defeating each baboon:

  • 10 Diamonds
  • 20 Energy
  • 500 Gold Coins
  • 100 Experience

Defeating the first baboon will also complete the task “Fight of the Three Elements” and provide the following reward:

  • 5 Sand dollars
  • 20 Energy
  • 500 Experience


After opening the Lotus gates, you will find the Radiant Lotus artifact. On the island, find six cracked Lotus petals and six sarcophagi of ancient knowledge, which contain tablets with ancient writing. Thanks to them, Dr. Jansson can fix the petals in the workshop found next to the pier.


Cracked Lotus Petal





Lotus Tablet




(1d and 12h)


Lotus Petal

1   1   1

Once the six petals are ready, you can repair the Radiant Lotus and take it to your Home Island!

Click on the repaired artifact to place it into your storage under the Miscellaneous tab. Place it on your Home Island and it will save up energy, which you can then collect and use!