Island of the Eastern Bazaar



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Stand Unique Plant Halil Halim Halis Rakesh’s Stand

Level 16+

Supplies: 10


  • Help Suleiman to cook the dishes for the customer’s celebratory dinner
  • Load the construction materials for the second stand and travel to the island
  • Build the stand
  • Make your first profit
  • Help Karim Mubarak to dye his silk sheets
  • Help Yusuf Akim to plant the mandarin trees
  • Find the lost caravan in the jungles
  • Bring the lost perfumed oils to Ahmed Azar
  • Build drinking fountains for the baboons
  • Get the license for trading


  • Suleiman, an honest merchant
  • Rakesh, the owner of the bazaar
  • Karim Mubarak, famed purveyor of the most luxurious and brightly-colored silks
  • Yusuf Akim, deals in the freshest and most exotic fruits
  • Halil, Halim and Halis – Sharif brothers – are famed for trading across continents
  • Ahmed Azar, sells the most expensive and exquisite goods
  • Bazargan, young merchant
  • Wild Baboon Spirits (Strength – 54; Artifact – Knobby Cudgel).

Island Treasures:

  • Barricades that contain valuable resources and building materials
  • Caches
  • Sand dunes
  • Unique plant, Brugmansia


  • Diamonds
  • Energy
  • Coins
  • Experience
  • Liards – coins of the Eastern Bazaar
  • Experience of the Eastern Bazaar
  • Eastern tableware
  • Silk rugs
  • Eastern incense
  • Commercial license




Suleiman has once again bungled his affairs, of which he has more than wives, and is running late preparing an important order. Help him to prepare the dishes for his customer’s celebratory dinner.




The merchant is happy with how you handled the cooking. Suleiman sees you as a very successful merchant, and he has a wonderful idea of inviting you to be his partner. For a while now, the honest merchant has been planning to expand his business by opening a second stand at the Eastern Bazaar

Prepare the construction materials for building your joint stand and load them onto the boat.


To conduct commerce you need to get a license from Rakesh – the owner of the bazaar. However, the owner isn’t here right now. He left quite suddenly to deal with an unexpected matter. As Suleiman is known by everyone at this bazaar, no one will judge you for making one small sale without a license.


The honorable Rakesh has returned to the bazaar. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a license. Rakesh is sorry he didn’t warn you before. The bazaar hasn’t been doing very well lately, most of the merchants are barely breaking even, and they can’t afford to pay their rents. Rakesh is also suffering financial losses, which forced him to arrange to sell the bazaar.

Help the merchants get their affairs in order. If all the merchants pay their debts and make good on their rents, then Rakesh will reconsider selling the bazaar. The bazaar’s fate is in your hands!

Talk to a longtime friend of Suleiman – Karim Mubarak, and he will give you the names of those who need help.


It appears that the first one who needs help is Karim Mubarak himself. His sheets were well-known for their brightness but after the last wash, his bright deep-blue silk fabric turned practically pale sky blue.

In order to help the merchant to make the sheets bright again, bring him some blue pigment, which can be purchased at Halil Sharif’s caravan.


The pigment is perfectly matching the color of Karim’s products!

The next person who needs help is Yusuf Akim, who found himself in big debt. Talk to him and get to know why exactly he got so unlucky.


Yusuf was always famous for his sweetest mandarins but after one small misunderstanding, no one wants to buy his fruit anymore.

Plant mandarin trees around his stand. A lot of customers would love to pick their own produce right from the tree. This will get back the trust of the customers. Nobody else at the bazaar has anything like it! Mandarin seeds can be purchased from Halim Sharif.


This is not the end of the merchants’ misfortune! Poor Ahmed Azar has been waiting days for his latest shipment, which included expensive perfumed oils. Halis Sharif was the main transporter of the order. It seems that Halis’s caravan got stuck somewhere in the jungle.


It appears that Wild Baboons Spirits attacked the caravan, nearly tripped it over, tore the doors off, and stole all the wares. Usually, caravans use an age-old, reliable route, but this time it was blocked with barricades made of stones and logs. So Halis decided to go through the jungle instead.

Help Halis to recover his goods from the jungle thieves and fix his caravan.


You are the savior of the Eastern Bazaar! Thanks to your help, many merchants won’t have to sell their stands.

Rakesh was hoping that you solved all the problems of the merchants but instead, a new one appeared: baboons just ran out of the jungle and swarmed over the entire bazaar. They are not attacking anyone, but to avoid these animals becoming aggressive it is a good idea to tame them. Peaceful and playful baboons could just be the highlight of the Eastern Bazaar.

Baboons love water and things that sparkle. Build Gilded Drinking Fountains for them! Sculptor sets can be purchased from Halis Sharif.


The baboons are actually happy and playful! They will definitely be a hit with the customers.

Rakesh is joyous looking at how you have transformed the bazaar. Now he’d never dream of selling this place. To thank you, the owner of the bazaar gives you a free commercial license valid in perpetuity!

At Rakesh’s stand, you can now purchase oriental decor for your island. The higher your level at the Eastern Bazaar, the more decorations will be available for purchase.


A new bungalow look is available for purchase as well!


(Eastern Tent)