The game is freezing and / or running slow (browsers Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera)

If you experience freezing and lagging while playing Taonga, it might be due to your browser not utilizing your computer's graphics card. Because of the latest browser updates, it no longer supports the version of the graphics card driver installed, which causes the game to run slowly. The best way to have it resolved would be to update your graphics card drivers at the following links (you should choose the right one depending on your graphics card manufacturer):

AMD/Radeon graphics cards:
NVIDIA graphics cards:
Intel HD graphics cards:

You should find the latest update for the drivers matching your graphics card characteristics and install them. Alternatively, you can download the Auto-Detect and Install option which is available for some graphics cards.

If you encounter any issues finding new drivers for your graphics card, please contact our Support Team for further guidance

In case the driver update does not help or the drivers cannot be updated correctly, please try following the steps below:

- Type "chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blocklist" into the address bar of your browser and press the Enter key on your keyboard:


- In the list that will open, enable the "Override software rendering list" option by clicking the "Disabled" button next to it and selecting "Enabled" from the dropdown menu that will appear:


- Restart your browser;
- To make sure that everything was done correctly, type "chrome://gpu" into the address bar of your browser, hit the Enter key, and check the lines labeled "WebGL" and "WebGL2". They should say "Hardware accelerated" like this:


The game's performance should improve after you apply these changes.