I didn't receive my purchase

First of all, please rest assured that your money is completely safe - you will always receive either the in-game items you bought, or a refund for the purchase if it doesn't go through.

While rare, delays in payment processing may happen. If your purchase didn't go through right away, wait for a couple of hours - the items will most likely be credited to your account within this period.

If this does not happen for a purchase made while playing on Facebook, please open your Facebook payment history at this link: https://secure.facebook.com/facebook_pay

Find the payment in question, click on it and download the receipt.


Contact our Support team with the receipt file attached to your request, and we will do our best to sort this out as soon as possible.

If you don't see the payment in your Facebook payment history, it means that it didn't reach the game at all, and you either weren't charged for the purchase or the funds will be returned to you in a few working days. If this does not happen, please contact Facebook Payment Support for further assistance.

If you play Taonga on the Website, you will not be able to download such a receipt. In this case please send us a support request indicating the date and time (including the time zone) of the purchase, and we will figure it out.