Island of the Mysterious Pyramid


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Matt Hardy Lewis Wilson Archaeologist’s Tent Excavation Site Ancient Wall

Supplies: 10

Available after: reaching level 20


  • Pacify the mummy
  • Find a way to enter the pyramid
  • Learn the entire secret history of the Serpent King


  • Matt Hardy, the fearless treasure-hunter
  • Lewis Wilson, esteemed professor of Egyptology


  • Desert Cobra (strength – 48; artifact – harpoon)

Island treasures:

  • Treasures scattered throughout the halls of the ancient city
  • Energy chests
  • Caches
  • Egyptian amphoras
  • Flocks of butterflies
  • Excavation sites that can be explored an unlimited number of times


  • Experience
  • Coins
  • Diamonds
  • Archaeologist’s tent presents an opportunity to purchase decorations and an ancient Egyptian fountain – an artifact that restores strength
  • New pet – the cat Nighta


There has never before been an archeological excavation of this magnitude on the Taonga Archipelago. The world’s most famous treasure hunter Matt Hardy and Egyptology professor Lewis Wilson have teamed up to excavate the Island of the Mysterious Pyramid. Professor Wilson was the first to arrive only to discover that there’s a real walking mummy on the island! It wouldn’t be fun without a challenge, right? The mummy hangs around the archaeologist’s tent disrupting the team’s excavation efforts. So first, you’ll need to get to the tent.


Matt couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the ancient monster! But true to his fearless reputation, he immediately had a plan to find a cozy sarcophagus to calm the mummy down. There’s just the perfect one a little further in the depths of the island. It won’t be hard to find.


Now the team faces a more difficult task – the mummy and the sarcophagus are too far away from each other. But our experienced archaeologists can solve any puzzle – the mummy can be lured to the sarcophagus by the ancient ushabti figurines, which are scattered across the island. The eye icon will always point to the location of the items. You need to collect a total of 12 ushabti and then place them in the sarcophagus.



While searching for the ancient figurines, you are sure to come across the excavation sites that Professor Wilson had set up on the island. There are 4 such sites in total and some of them are guarded by desert cobras. You can start a 44-hour excavation just for 5000 coins. What you’ll find will be valuable items that may help unveil the secrets of the island.



This journey is turning out to be much more complicated than our heroes initially thought it would be. Professor Wilson translated the ancient writings on the lid of the sarcophagus and found out that the treasures were cursed! To lift the curse, you will need to get ankhs – ancient artifacts from the pyramid. But the pyramid is guarded by the Serpent King, and to enter it, you will need a special talisman. Its pieces can be found embedded in the walls of the ancient city. The ancient walls with talisman pieces are easy to spot because of their bright blue middle sections. To retrieve a piece, bring a torch from your home island and play a familiar mini-game.


Some of the walls turned out to be covered with sand and would need to be cleaned. Brushes are hidden in ancient amphoras all over the island. Here is their location, watch out for desert cobras!


Some walls have been destroyed over time and will have to be restored first. This will require a bit more resources and some strength:


Once the necessary number of pieces has been collected, Professor Wilson can restore the talisman. The secret of the Serpent King is one step closer!



As a reward for completing this quest you will receive valuable artifacts – small pyramids, pharaoh’s torches, and sands of time. They will be useful later on during your adventures inside the pyramid.



As soon as the talisman is ready, the pyramid becomes available for exploration. To enter it, you will need a torch and a talisman of the Serpent King every time:


Inside you will face trials, which you can learn more about in the following article:

>> The Pyramid Trials <<


To pass the storyline, you must complete all the trials that are listed in the trials window in the dungeon.


After the first descent, our heroes will be joined by a furry friend – the cat Nighta. She will accompany you on all your adventurers during the trials. It also turns out that time inside the pyramid is warped and is not the same as it is on the surface. It seemed to Matt that he had been in the dungeon for much longer, although Professor Wilson assures him that only half an hour had passed. But though it hasn’t been long, Professor Wilson has managed to solve some of the hieroglyphics. But there are many more mysteries to come. It is necessary to complete the trials four more times to know the continuation of the story.


The strength of the team lies in the fact that everyone is doing their own thing for the benefit of the overall result – while Professor Wilson was deciphering ancient texts, Matt was exploring the dungeons and collecting ankhs. There was enough time to go underground eight more times. Thus, in total, you would have to explore the dungeons 13 times.

And that time has not been wasted – Professor Wilson has solved and told us the mystery of the island, Matt has collected enough ankhs to cleanse some treasures from the curse in the archaeologist’s tent, and Nighta has befriended the team and become a permanent pet, its lounge can be placed on your home island.


In the archaeologist’s tent you can cleanse Nighta’s collar from the curse – it will help her find valuable items. You can do this twice, then additional options will be added to Nighta’s lounge on your home island:

  • Without the collar, Nighta will bring some experience, coins and Ra amulets if you play with her for 1 unit of energy.
  • After the first collar cleansing you will be able to spend 20 ankhs to get 100 experience units, and up to 2000 coins, 14 units of energy, 60 amulets of Ra, 20 diamonds, and with some chance a gold lure for fishing.
  • After the second cleansing you will be able to spend a pharaoh’s ankh to get 250 experience units, and up to 7000 coins, 40 diamonds, 25 units of energy, and with some chance various nectars to catch butterflies and artifacts to explore the dungeons.


Nighta’s collar is not the only artifact that can be useful in the future. Among the many ancient decorations available in the archeologist’s tent is an ancient Egyptian fountain. Much like the natural grotto from the Island of the Marvelous Oasis, the fountain is capable of restoring strength.


At the first level the fountain accumulates up to 50 units of strength. The level can be improved for pharaoh’s ankhs. Each level increases the capacity of the fountain by 5 units of strength and speeds up the process of strength accumulation in the fountain.