Taonga Community Rules

There’s nothing like a tropical adventure after a long and busy day in the city! It is important to us that your stay in Taonga is enjoyable and safe, so we kindly ask all our islanders to follow the simple rules we’ve laid out below.

Please note that these are the core guiding principles of our Community. For a full list of dos and don’ts, please see our Terms of Service.

Help us create a welcoming gaming environment and safeguard your account by keeping the following in mind while playing:

  1. Treat your fellow players and our staff with respect. Threats, insults, harassment, hate speech, and any other forms of hostility will not be tolerated. If you have constructive feedback, please deliver it in a polite manner.
  2. Be positive! We’re all here to have fun, so do not post inappropriate content that may upset other players. This includes any content that could be viewed as abusive, offensive, threatening, libelous, obscene, violent, vulgar, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or otherwise objectionable. This also applies to your choice of username and profile picture.
  3. Please be aware that there are certain subject limitations.
    • Within our Community we do not discuss other games and companies, in any positive or negative manner.
    • Refrain from discussing controversial topics such as religion and politics.
    • Public quitting-the-game messages and encouraging other players to leave the game are prohibited.
    • Discussing or debating the moderation of the Community or any disciplinary actions taken by the Community Moderators is not allowed.
  4. Spam and all types of advertising messages will be deleted. Posting links to websites that are not officially affiliated with Taonga is not allowed.
  5. It’s important to keep your account and personal details to yourself. Do not disclose any personal information and keep private all correspondence with other players and Taonga staff. Also remember that sharing your account with anyone else is strictly prohibited. Yes, this includes your friends and even family members. No, “I didn’t know” will not be a valid excuse. We reserve the right to permanently ban any account that has been transferred between players.
  6. Do not impersonate or attempt to impersonate Taonga staff or other players.
  7. Trying to cheat is not cool and will get you banned from the game permanently. This includes using multiple accounts for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage; knowingly exploiting a bug; selling in-game items or accounts for real-world currency; attempting to cheat the payment system; falsely reporting a loss of in-game items to the Support Team in order to demand compensation; using third-party software to interact with the game.
  8. Refund abuse will result in a permanent ban.
  9. Encouraging others to break the rules is not acceptable.

Reporting a violation

If you encounter another player misbehaving towards yourself or others, please let us know by sending a private message to our Moderators or Support Team. Reports are manually reviewed by our Moderators who will take appropriate action.

In the chat on Taonga Game Portal you can report a message by right-clicking on it and selecting the Report option. The reporter's identity is not shared with the person being reported. Reports are manually reviewed by our Moderators who will take appropriate action.

On Facebook you can also report objectionable content by using the Report link near the content itself. For more details, please check out this article in Facebook Help Center: https://www.facebook.com/help/1380418588640631

Please be aware that making false reports may also lead to penalties.


Breaking the Community Rules outlined above or the Terms of Service may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the game, chat, or official social media pages. We always aim for just and reasonable measures in protecting Taonga Community from unfriendly and unfair treatment.

We have entrusted the community moderation to a team of Moderators. The Community Moderators are authorized to intervene in any part of our Community by editing or removing any post and/or banning any player who is in breach of these Community Rules. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. We have final decision on all matters.

If you feel like you have received an unjustified penalty, please contact Support and we will look into your case.

Let’s play nice!

We are doing all we can to ensure that everyone feels welcome to play our game and participate in our Community. We hope you will help us maintain a friendly and inviting atmosphere for all, islanders!