Searching rooms for hidden objects

On some temporary islands, you will need to search rooms for hidden objects. The search comes in the form of a mini-game in which you are required to find and click hidden objects within the allotted time.

To start the mini-game, first, click on the building you'll be searching — you will see a window with the following information:


  1. Your current search mastery level for this particular room. The bar shows your progress towards receiving the next star. The more stars you have, the more rewards you can get for successfully finding all hidden objects, but the difficulty will also increase - there will be more objects to find.
  2. A list of rewards you will get for successfully finding all hidden objects in a round. Hover your mouse cursor over the chest to see what items can appear in it.
  3. The item that is required to start the mini-game.
  4. The number of Hints you currently have.

To continue, click "Enter", then get ready and click "Start". Here's what the mini-game itself looks like:


(the required items are highlighted in this screenshot as an example)

  1. The remaining time.
  2. The search area.
  3. A list of items left to find.
  4. Hints. Click on their icons to use them.

To win, you need to click all the objects listed at the bottom of the window before the timer runs out. Be careful, as clicking on a wrong item or on an empty spot will reduce the remaining time. 

You can click the following Hints to aid you in your search:

  • Loupe of the Seeker - points at one of the necessary items.
  • Timepiece - extends the remaining time by 30 seconds.

Good luck in your search!