How to grow Seedlings on the Island of the Plant Kingdom

Once you build the botany hut on the Island of the Plant Kingdom, you’ll be able to start cultivating plants on the botany tables.


Now you can also cultivate plants on your home island using gardener tables! Learn more about them here.


The table on the right is for growing hardy bushes, the one on the left – for slender trees and palms, and the one in the middle – for growing finicky great trees.

Click on one of the tables to see what plants can be grown on it. The higher your botany level, the more plants will be available to you.


To begin growing a sprout, you will need some tropical seeds. You can find them by cutting trees, bushes, and grass during travels. The amount needed to plant a sprout is shown underneath the picture of the corresponding plant.


Plants are divided into four groups based on how difficult it is to care for them:

Uncommon Hardy plants: take root quickly and require minimal care. Highlighted in green. mterra.png
Rare Strong plants: grow fairly quickly and require periodic care. Highlighted in blue. plum.png
Epic Finicky plants: grow slowly and require regular care. Highlighted in purple. bt.png
Unique Capricious plants: require constant attention and continuous care. Can only be grown from shoots. Highlighted in red. cb.png

Click the green button under a Plant to start cultivating the sprout. You will see the condition of the sprout, how much time is left until it is fully grown, and the items you can apply to care for the sprout.


The better the condition of the sprout when the growth time is up, the higher the chance of it successfully growing it into a seedling. The condition will worsen with time, so you need to keep it up by watering the sprout, or by adding some growth elixir or nutrient concentrate to the soil.

Nutrient concentrates can be earned by completing Ayra’s quests or by increasing your botany level. It can also be purchased with diamonds.

Once you successfully grow a sprout into a seedling, you will be able to either take it to your home island and continue growing it into an adult plant to decorate your farm, or give it to Ayra for additional botany experience points.


If you choose to take the seedling to your home island, it will be moved into your storage. Place it on the Island, and soon it will grow into an adult plant.

Note that wild flora (from the uncommon, rare, and epic groups) can only be moved before it is fully grown. After that, you can cut the plants down just like any other. Unique plants, however, can be moved or put into storage at any time.