How the Butterfly Palace works


How to obtain: Complete Dr. Yorick Jansson's series of tasks which become available after reaching Player Level 25 and Entomologist Level 7.

What it is for: Gives the owner various bonuses — replenishes Energy, speeds up production, etc.

After building the ideal Butterfly habitat with astrophysicist Dr. Yorick Jansson, you will be able to house these fragile beings in separate houses and make use of their unique abilities.

To settle a Butterfly in the Palace, you must first research it in the Butterflarium at least 10 times.

Once you have researched the insect enough times, in the Palace window click on the house that corresponds to the rarity of the Butterfly (determined by color), find it in the Butterfly list in the lower part of the window and settle it into the house.

(click to zoom in)

It will take the Butterfly some time to become accustomed to its new home. After that, you will be able to use its unique ability by feeding it Pollen.

Pollen accumulates gradually in the Palace, you can check your stock of it in the upper part of the window.


You receive some bonuses immediately (for example, a Butterfly may provide you with Energy which is added straight away), other bonuses are active over a period of time — a special symbol will then appear next to the Experience bar in the top left corner of the screen. Hover over it with your cursor to know how long its bonus effect will last.

Remember, the speeding up production effect only affects items that were queued while it was active. If an item was queued earlier, and then you received the speeding up production effect, and the item only then reached the front of the queue, then the time for it to be produced will not be decreased.



After providing you with a bonus, a Butterfly will rest and recuperate its strength — only then will you be able to feed it again and use its abilities.

You don't have to resettle it back into its house — it will live there until you settle another Butterfly in its place.


The better researched a Butterfly, the stronger its ability!

Mouse over the stars over the image of a Butterfly to see how many times it has been researched and how many observations remain for achieving the next level of the Butterfly's ability.