How to find Raphael's Tools

While following the questline on the Island of the Olive Grove, you will need to find Raphael's tools in the ship wreckage to help him remember his past. The search comes in the form of a mini-game that is very similar to Butterfly catching.

1. Starting the game requires 15 Strength points.

2. There are 8 chips on the playing area - 2 per each of the possible rewards. One game consists of two rounds, and each round of 2 chip Flips.


3. Your goal is to find a reward by flipping open two chips with identical images in one round, that is at Flips #1 and #2, or Flips #3 and #4. Only one reward can be won in one game (a tool or a jewel box).

4. If you flip open two different chips in one round, they will be turned back over.

5. If you flip open two matching chips in one round, you may either claim the reward, or give it up and continue playing - the chips will then be turned over.


Please note that the contents of the jewel boxes that are listed in the tooltips are maximum possible amounts of items that the box may contain, but it is not guaranteed to hold that amount.

You'll be able to continue playing for jewel boxes even after you complete the story, although the ship wreckage will no longer contain the tools.