How does the Radiant Lotus work?


The Radiant Lotus Artifact

How to Obtain: Repair this artifact on the Island of the Radiant Lotus and place it on your home island.

What it is for: Generates energy (1 energy every 15 minutes).

Capacity: 50 energy (can be increased by using florins).

The Radiant Lotus artifact is obtained by completing the tasks on its eponymous island. After placing the Radiant Lotus on your home island, it will begin generating energy at a rate of 1 unit of energy every 15 minutes.

The Lotus has a maximum capacity – the maximum amount of energy that it can store. Once the Lotus reaches its maximum Capacity, it will stop generating more energy until you collect the stored points (even if only partially). You can collect the Lotus’s stored energy at any time, you do not have to wait until it has reached the maximum capacity.

The Lotus will fill your own energy up to your personal maximum energy point.


Your maximum energy level – 30

Energy stored by the Lotus – 50.

Your energy at the moment you collect the energy from the Lotus – 0

Upon clicking “Collect” in the Lotus window, your energy will fill up to 30 (in other words, your personal maximum energy level), the Lotus will keep 20 Energy, which you can collect later once your personal energy falls below your maximum energy level.

You cannot speed up the Lotus’s energy generation rate, but you can increase its capacity with florins – each increase raises the capacity by 5, except for the increase from level 9 to level 10, when the capacity is increased by 10.

Using florins, you can increase the Radiant Lotus’s capacity up to level 30 for the maximum capacity of 200. Here is how many florins you need for each upgrade: