Gardener's Tables on the Home Island

More botany tables are available on the Home Island to players who've reached Botany Level 2.

Go to the Shop, open the Botany tab in the Farm section, buy the new tables, and grow wild seedlings to decorate your island:




Why should I buy one?

Gardener's tables have some great benefits over regular botany tables:

  1. At the maximum level of Sprout's vitality scale, the plant grows instantly. You won't have to wait for the timer.
  2. Elixirs and nutrient concentrates increase the scale much faster than usually.


You can have 1 gardener’s table of each type on your farm at the same time, and once the plant fully grows or its timer ends, the table disappears, and a gift box appears in its place – make sure to open it in time to get diamonds, growth elixirs, and nutrient concentrates.