Going on Adventures and Traveling

To travel to another island, click on the Boat and find the island you’d like to travel to in the lower half of the opened window. You are able to go to those islands under which there is a green «Travel» button.


An island may be unavailable for you to travel to for two reasons:

  • You aren’t at a high enough level – in such a case, the required level is indicated under the image of the island.
  • You have not met the conditions necessary for you to be able to visit the island – the conditions necessary are under the image of the island (clicking on the eye icon next to the conditions will provide you with a hint).

Click on the «Travel» button and pick your Supplies. You can manually select your provisions using the «Select» button under the dishes or you can click the «Auto-select» button at the bottom of the window to take enough Supplies from your Storage with one click.


The amount of Supplies necessary to travel to a selected island is indicated in the Supplies bar, and the amount of Supplies provided by each dish is indicated to the left of its image, under the basket icon. The dishes you choose as Supplies will be used once you travel.

Have you got enough Supplies to set sail? Then you can confidently cast off on your adventures by clicking the «Go!» button.