Missions of the Lesser Spirits

You need to complete the missions of the Lesser Spirits to finish the storyline of the Island of the First Accord and receive the Pearl of Promise. They can be started by clicking on the Drum of Providence, which is located in the interior part of the island. The gates to the Drum of Providence can be unlocked with the Lesser Spirits’ Key, which you will get for carving the second part of the Totem.


To start a mission, you will need to spend a certain amount of florins. More precisely: 12 emerald, 6 sapphire or 4 amethyst florins The rarer the florins that are used for missions, the higher the number of scales that can be obtained for completing all challenges.


All the tasks take place on your home island. They may vary, but all will require good preparation! You have only 3 days to complete them.

For each challenge, you can get 4 random scales. And for completing all three tasks, you can get wondrous caskets.

Attention! If you use emerald florins, the bonus reward will be 2 to 3 caskets; sapphire florins can bring 2 to 5 caskets; and amethyst florins can bring 3-5 caskets.


The caskets will appear on your home island after you’ve successfully completed three tasks. You must make a wish and choose one type of scale. If the wish does not include the desired scales, you can wait two days or renew the wish for diamonds. But it is necessary to notice, that wishes change at random, and as there are only three kinds of scales, there is a possibility that you may not see a new kind of scale.

Attention! The casket grants only one wish, but it will be gone in 3 days if you don’t wish for anything.