Using the Pier

Resources gathered on an island are stored on the Pier as either individual items or in bundles, boxes, crates, etc. Resources stored as individual items can be immediately put to use on the island to complete certain tasks. The same resources that have been bundled, boxed, and crated materials need to be transported back to your Home Island and unpacked before they can be used for construction or production.

To see which resources are in the Pier and on the Boat, simply click on the Pier. Here you can transfer resources from the Pier to the Boat and vice versa.

1. To transfer all your gathered resources from the Pier to the Boat, click the blue “All” button. If the Boat does not have enough room, then the maximum amount of bundles and crates will be transferred, and you can return to pick up the rest of the resources if you travel back to the island again.


(click to zoom in)

2. To transfer all the resources from your Boat to the Pier, click the orange “All” button.


3. To transfer specific resources, find the needed item, bundle, or crate in the Pier or in the Boat’s hold, click under the image of that item on the “All” button to transfer all of that selected item or on the “1” button to transfer items one-by-one.


4. Click on the “Home” button to return to your Home Island and transport the contents of the Boat’s hold to your Home Island.


5. Upon arriving, you can immediately transfer all the resources in your Boat’s hold to your Storage by clicking the “Unload All” button. Otherwise you can click on the “Later” button to transfer those items yourself at a later time.