The Pyramid Trials

Trials in the dungeons become available after the creation of the first talisman of the Serpent King on the Island of the Mysterious Pyramid. They are an important part of the adventure. Thus, it is necessary to completely pass 13 trials to finish the story part of the island. Afterwards, the trials are the main way to obtain ankhs, which can be used to remove the curse from the items in the archaeologist’s tent.



So, after the entrance to the pyramid is opened (which requires a torch and a talisman of the Serpent King), one of the 20 dungeons is randomly opened and the countdown begins. In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the dungeons. This time we got a low level of difficulty – you’ll need fewer resources to complete the trials, but you’ll also get fewer ankhs.

Also, before entering the dungeons, it is suggested that you bring along useful items that you will need for explorations. Carefully examine what items are needed and if any are missing, bring them from your home island. After that, move them from the pier to your backpack using the arrows -> under each item. If you don’t load the items on the surface, you can buy them later for diamonds inside the pyramid. Click on the Enter button.



If you load the backpack, but do not enter the dungeon and close the pyramid entrance window, all items will move back to the pier, and you will have to load them into the backpack again.



Each dungeon is only available for 8 hours. If you leave the dungeon early, you can not go back in.

First, let’s check the trials to be completed by clicking on the quest icon on the left side of the screen:


There aren’t many trials at the easy level. But one of the trials will always be the battle with the Serpent King. In this dungeon, you will also have to play a tune for the snakes that live here. To do this, you will first have to find the ancient Egyptian boats in which the flutes are hidden and then apply them to the snakes.


The Serpent King is a strong adversary and it would be difficult to defeat him at once. But he has a weakness, so before the battle it’s best to discover it by performing secret trials, and then the battle will not seem so difficult. In this dungeon, in order to weaken the Serpent King we need to chase away a cobra from the statue of Anubis. This trial also consists of several stages: to chase the cobra away, we must find the symbol of Anubis. The symbol of Anubis is hidden in the statue, which is covered in sand. To clear the sand from the statue, we must find brushes in familiar amphoras, as we have already done on the surface.


Completing each secret trial will weaken the Serpent King by 20 strength points. In other dungeons, the trials may differ and there may be more of them on higher difficulty levels, but you can always use the green button on the bottom panel to find the weaknesses of the Serpent King and other trials. When there are no trials left, it will say Completed!



While exploring the dungeons you may encounter enemies. It is not difficult to defeat them, but doing so takes away your strength. Since you can’t leave the dungeon, there is another solution – find a wondrous fountain that restores your strength.



Another peculiarity of the dungeons is that in them you can start a battle while not at full strength. Even if you can’t find a wondrous well, the Serpent King’s strength can be decreased to 30 by performing the secret trials and it will be no harder to defeat him than an ordinary malignant sundew.

Those adventurers who are ready to fight the Serpent King without weakening him have more chances to meet trader-genie. The stronger the Serpent King is before the battle, the higher the chance of meeting trader-genie after the battle and acquiring useful artifacts from him.



As you explore a dungeon, you can always find something useful in it. Open ancient amphoras, light lanterns, grow water lilies, and restore statues. As a reward, you’ll receive Ra amulets, which Professor Wilson can use to recreate valuable ancient artifacts, which will then help you in future explorations of the pyramid.



After 8 hours, or if you press the Exit button, all items that were in the backpack at that moment will be transferred to the pier of the Island of the Mysterious Pyramid automatically.


Islanders! Every Wednesday and Saturday, participate in the ankh collection competition. The one who collects the most ankhs while exploring the pyramid wins. Prizes:

  • 11th to 50th place – 150 Ra amulets
  • 4th to 10th place – a Pharaoh’s casket with ancient artifacts
  • The best explorers receive a Pharaoh’s chest, which, in addition to the ancient artifacts, contains Pharaoh’s ankhs!

Competitions last for 24 hours and start at 8:00 AM GMT. Good luck!