The Galleon


The Galleon is Marie-Louise the pirate’s ship. You can hire it for Diamonds, and it can travel to islands and transport a large volume of resources.

Available: Level 13+

Capacity: 2000 kg

Supplies are not necessary when traveling on the Galleon.

To use the Galleon, you must first purchase a contract for a certain number of trips.

Contract Prices:

  • 3 Trips – 300 Diamonds
  • 10 Trips – 900 Diamonds
  • 20 Trips – 1500 Diamonds

From Level 16+, you can also buy a contract for 3 Trips from the Shop for 14 Emerald and 3 Sapphire Florins.

After purchasing a contract, the Galleon replaces the Boat. Note that you cannot choose between sailing on the Boat or the Galleon once this happens. The Boat will not be available until you use all of your contracted Galleon trips.

Free Contract

You can earn a free contract for 3 Trips if you find Marie-Louise’s Ruby ring that was stolen by a crab. The Ring has a chance of appearing when you click on the Energy Crab that appears on your Home Island’s beach every so often. Give Marie-Louise the Ring in the quest window to receive the contract as a reward – it will be in your Storage until you decide to use it.