Combo-Strikes on Adventures

You can remove objects (Grass, Trees, Rocks, Clay, etc.) on your adventures by choosing a single strike per click, or three, or five – which is significantly quicker. You can choose whichever you like from a panel at the bottom of the game screen.


If you strike an object no more than 4 times in a row, the gathered resources will appear in the Pier as individual items, and they can immediately be used as building materials on the island if they are needed for construction.

From five strikes and more (Combo-Strikes), resources will be packed in Bundles, Boxes, and Crates. The higher the combo, the bigger the resource Crate and the more compact they are packed (meaning they take up less space on the Boat than they would as individually packed items).


Bundled, boxed, and crated materials need to be transported back to your Home Island and unpacked before they can be used.