Raphael's Missions

These missions become available after the construction of the villa on the Island of the Olive Grove. They consist of traveling to a small temporary island and doing various favors for Raphael there. Completing missions will reward you with the tools needed to create white marble decorations in the workshop and increase your friendship level with Raphael.


In order to start a mission, you need to contribute a few florins. You can choose any, but the rarer they are, the fewer are needed – 5 emerald, 3 sapphire or 1 amethyst florin.


After this, a window with tasks will appear and the countdown to completion will begin. You will have 5 days to complete the mission.


The island is temporary, so it will close after the time expires or all tasks are completed.


To go to an island with missions, you must return to your home island and find it in the boat window. It will be marked with a special icon.


Note that each mission will take you to a different island and will have different objectives. This time, the objective is to repair the bungalow. This is not the most difficult task, but it can bring us 30 friendship points.


Raphael is a very creative person and quite capricious. You’ll have to do your best to improve his mood! It is worth noting that the sculptor’s mood will increase gradually, so in this task you will have to bring the missing items twice.


The time for completing the tasks on the island is limited, but don’t feel bad if you can’t finish them all. You will receive rewards for the steps you have completed by then after the time runs out.


Also, remember to transport all necessary resources to your home island before time runs out or when you have completed all the tasks. After that, it will not be possible to return to that island.